the simple life watercolor magazine advertisement ILLUSTRATION
PROJECT OVERVIEW Created as an exercise with watercolor and typography for G210 Mixed Media at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, the goal was to create a full page magazine advertisement for a fictional company of our own creation, using watercolor, and edit with text in Adobe Photoshop. METHODOLOGY For this project we were to select three items from different grouping presented to the class, and create a still life view, sketching them from different perspectives. Once we settled on the strongest perspective, we used watercolor as an exercise to paint the selected perspective. The second part of the assignment was to create a company name relating to the items depicted in the painting, and create a concept for a company, by extension creating a composition including typography fro a full page magazine advertisement. The items I chose were a beach ball, beach, blanket, and umbrella. My company concept became 'The Ball and Brella Co.' which specialized in beach related items. With the birds-eye perspective I painted, I developed the tag-line "The Simple Life" for the ad. For the watercolor paints, I used only primary colors along with white and grey, along with liquid frisket. I chose Kinescope for the tag-line and company name fonts because I wanted a simple and sort of elegant script typeface to accompany the relaxed feel of being on the beach. For the body text and web address, I chose Berlin Sans FB for its simplicity and legibility. typography
Kinescope Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
Berlin Sans FB Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
color palette
615D51 FFFFFF 0481CF F0DE1F CC080B 823A24
thumbnail sketches
original watercolor painting
final advertisement
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