the real deal grill food truck design project BRAND AND LOGO DESIGN, Menu Design
PROJECT OVERVIEW The Real Deal Grill is a local food truck company in Columbus, Ohio that launched in early 2020. They approached me to create a fun and memorable logo design for their branding and as a recognizable emblem to put on the side of their trucks. Since the design of the logo, I have continued to work with The Real Deal Grill on multiple other projects such as created a design for large playing cards that they would then use to print their menu on, creating a large menu board for the side of their trucks, creating QR codes for easy mobile ordering, and designing license plates for the trucks. Visit the real deal grill here:
METHODOLOGY When I was approached by John Coffman to work on a logo design for The Real Deal Grill, they were just starting their food truck company. They had an idea that they were set on using which consisted of various food items (hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.) playing poker on an open grill top, resembling the famous "Dogs Playing Poker" painting by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. Using this idea, I drew up a sketch that was a little more cartoonish and playful. I then rendered the approved sketch using Adobe Illustrator. The client was very happy with the design and they chose a simple typeface for the banner.

After the logo design project was complete, I have continued to work on other small projects for The Real Deal Grill such as designing a background template for a hand-out menu, and a template board for the main menu which will appear on the side of the trucks, as well as a license plate. Keeping with the poker theme, the handout menus were designed to look like the 4 aces in a playing card deck, and the menu board is a 
birds-eye view of a poker table with a game in progress as chips and cards lay out across the table. Logo concept thumbnail sketch
Final Logo concept Digital Illustration
IMages of the logo on the truck
Handout Menu concept design PROJECT OVERVIEW I was asked to design a hand-out menu that would be able to feature 4 different rotating menus that The Real Deal Grill offers. Playing on the Poker/card game aesthetic of the logo design, I designed four 8.5 by 11 inch cards that feature contact information, a QR code, social media links, and delivery options on the back while each face has a different "Ace" suit where the menu would be presented.
Large Menu board concept design PROJECT OVERVIEW Along with the hand-out menus, I was asked to create a background template for a large menu board that would be featured on the side of the trucks. I developed two different 22 inch by 28 inch layouts that depict a birds-eye view of a green felt poker table with a game in progress that allows for placement of 4 divided sections for the menu items. They decided to use one of the menu board layout designs for the background of their website. Large Menu board digital designs (background only)
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